Given the fact that Malbec is our favourite wine, and the fear of potentially upsetting the Argentinians for not visiting their side of the Andean wine country (the second is obviously not true. We will go anywhere for wine), a trip to Mendoza was a given. Apart from what can only be described as a … More Mendoza


After a week of eating our body weight in steak and gelato, exercise was a necessity before our clothes stopped fitting! We decided to take a break from the big city and head to the town of Córdoba for a few days. We chose Córdoba for its vicinity to several locations for hiking. Besides Salta … More Córdoba

Buenos Aires

  We flew into Buenos Aires from Mendoza one sunny evening, after having spent the whole day at San Martin Park drinking wine and eating the goodies we bought from our visit to the olive oil farm. At first glance from the sky, Buenos Aires is a perfect grid, and really a visual delight for … More Buenos Aires

The Pantanal

  The Pantanal was on top of our bucket list activities in Brazil, not just because we love our wildlife holidays, but also because we knew that we would have major regrets if we didn’t go on the quest for Jaguars. Measuring at nearly 234,000km2, across Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil, the Pantanal is the worlds … More The Pantanal

The Death Road

On our travels through Colombia, Ecuador and Peru we met lots of travellers that were completing the reverse journey to us through south America and after talking lots about their experiences we found one common activity that was liked by all. Strangely enough it was the Death Road in La Paz! Death road you might … More The Death Road

Chile highlights

The next time we visit South America, we will definately try and go to Patagonia. If you are ever in south Chile, and on a budget that cant include Easter island, We would recommend spending no more than a week there. Refer to our other post on Chile for a brief itinerary. In the meantime, … More Chile highlights


Unfortunately, we were only able to spend about 24 hours in Lima after yet another delayed AVIANCA flight from Ecuador. Lima is the food capital of not just Peru but all of Latin America. It is the home of some of the best restaurants in the world. One of them has even made it to … More Lima