Costa Rica, the highlights

What we loved…

  1. Scenery
  2. Pristine beaches
  3. Loads of wildlife (our tree house stay in particular) and hiking through rainforests
  4. Several quirky reggae bars
  5. The ability of a place to relax you completely and free you of any stress whatsoever

What not to miss…

  1. Cahuita National park (its a 10k hike in total so take lots of water!)
  2. Beaches and coves inside Gandoca Manzanillo national park (basically like having a private beach in your backyard)
  3. Jaguar Rescue Centre in Cocles (its like a zoo but with most animals roaming around the place freely)
  4. Punta Uva (best beach in Caribbean Costa Rica in our opinion)
  5. Nature Observatorio Tree house stay (if you can afford it and if you can let go of creature comforts and fear of heights for 24 hours!)

What was average…

  1. The food (there is only so much rice and beans you can eat. Even so it was not that great)
  2. Snorkelling (visibility was terrible. I am sure it would have been much better if the water was clear)

What we disliked…

  1. The prices..of literally everything
  2. The lack of ANY fresh vegetables

There is an explaination to the above. Almost everything in Costa Rica is imported Including food. Despite the beautiful land and rain forests it is incapable of growing leafy greens and veg. Business owners therefore have to mark up every item to compensate for all the importation taxes and fees and make a profit.

Special mentions for awesomeness

Best food:

  1. Chili Rojo in Puerto Viejo for pan asian and caribbean fusion cooking
  2. Sobre Las Olas (Restaurant on the waves) in Cahuita for fresh sea food and healthy meals.

Best Hotels/hostels

  1. Nirvana by the Sea in Cahuita (The owners here are the loveliest people you can imagine. Yolanta and Seb. And the family including their ginormous Great Dane Kayla welcomed us with open arms and Panamanian rum shots. Needless to say the drive to San Jose the next morning was NOT fun)
  2. Sea Tower hotel in Puerto Viejo
  3. Congo Bongo Eco lodges in Manzanillo
  4. Nature oberservatario in the Manzanillo rain forest


Overall chill factor: 200%

Would we go back?: Probably not to the Caribbean side. Well worth one visit though, especially if you are looking to unwind, destress and or connect with nature

Animals spotted in the wild: Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys, Capuchin Monkeys, Baby sloth, Toucans, Wild Parrots, Racoon, Agouti, Squirrel Monkey, Coati, Eyelash Pit Vipers (Note these were spotted near our accomodation, walking in an around the forest. Not in a rescue centre)







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