Hi! We are Jamie and Smita Sealey and we both recently decided to put our hectic lives in London on hold for 6 months and take a trip around South America and Asia. 

Jamie and I met at a noisy bar in Cambridge, UK and while a lot of the night is hard to recall (given that gorgeous face :)) I remember us spending a significant amount of time talking about our love for travel, and world cuisine. Needless to say, we fell in love instantaneously and before we knew it 7 years had passed. Dont get me wrong. We did travel…a lot and to some exotic locations, but our travel wish list each year was far out-stripping what could be squeezed into ‘acceptable’ holiday requests for London multi-nationals. So in the spirit of ‘go big or go home’ we are going on our biggest holiday yet!! 

Neither of us are back-packing experts and in true Londoner style, we are cramming a LOT into 6 months. Of course we have the standard tick box places and activities including, the Inka trail, The Galapagos Islands and the Bolivian salt flats on our list, but knowing how we both travel, the rest of the time is likely to be spent off the beaten track discovering wild and wonderful places and of course local culinary delights!

This blog is here to share our stories and experiences with friends, family and anyone else as crazy as us to ditch our careers for the home of paddington bear, 100% humidity and great steak!

You can find Smita usually behaving badly on Instagram and Facebook

You can find Jamie spending the majority of his time on Reddit. Good luck with Instagram. Facebook is probably best